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There are so many variables that influence the price of a ring.
In short, the main factors are:

  • The 4C’s- extremely important that you educate yourself and discuss with your consultant in depth!
  • The quality, authenticity and ‘trust’ factor of the Certification (very important)
  • The metal you choose
  • Fluorescence

The truth is a ring can be manufactured for a countless variety of budgets. Depending on the colour, the clarity, cut and the size (carat) of your diamond – see 4C’s  here.

In addition to the 4C’s, a very important and often overlooked factor is the Certification. At Grace Diamonds we predominantly opt for either GIA or EGL stones.

The ring can also be made from platinum or gold (various karats ranging from 9kt to 18kt) which also affect the price.

Other often ‘hidden’ factors to take into consideration would be the Fluorescence of a stone. If you are not sure about this ask us to tell you more! This could be the difference in price you’re looking in terms of your budget, but if you are not forewarned you might be very disillusioned when you eventually get the ring and it has a ‘milky’ look to it or it shines bright purple under a UV light on a night out!!

All you have to do is decide on the amount you’re happy to spend on your dream ring and we will find you the biggest sparkliest diamond for your money.

A number of factors are at play here. Whether you want a solitaire, a three stone ring or a halo ring for instance and also the shape of your hand is very important. Through the consultation, we can go through all of these factors and more to ensure a diamond shape and ring style that suits you.

We’re all about custom design, removing a variety of middlemen including retail overheads to ensure you get the best price without compromising on quality.

We have a very personal, one to one relationship with our clients as we walk this journey with you step by step. Even though designing a Custom-Made jewellery piece might be a new and often daunting thought, it is actually a very simple and easy process.

Our proximity to one of the most important diamond mining and jewellery manufacturing districts in the world. The sheer history and heritage here mean we have access to the best stones and the best goldsmiths. Our brand promise is all about affordable luxury without compromise, custom design, 3D technology and understanding of what’s popular in the South African market.

Diamonds are commodities so they are priced differently and the price fluctuates. But what we do is strive to give you the best price available in the market on the day. Again it also depends on the 4C‘s.

The beauty of our design process is that you can express your individuality through the most important piece of jewellery you will ever wear. Styles and shapes variety based on current trends which are often inspired by the jewellery of bygone eras e.g art deco, Edwardian. A round solitaire is a true classic but if you can visualise and it’s wearable we can make it.

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